Infrastructure & Facilities


The library at ITM College Of Pharmacy Aligarh is one of the most modern academic resource centre. It serves as the backbone to all academic activity on the campus and is the knowledge centre of ITM Aligarh research oriented mission.

It houses a combination of carefully selected print and digital resources that include text and reference material, journals, magazines, periodicals, on-line resources, and highly respectable databases like Pro Quest for research.

A fully automated, ‘anytime – anywhere’, web based library at ITM College Of Pharmacy Aligarh provides a friendly environment, where students would love to spend time in pursuit of knowledge and academic excellence.

The procurement of academic resource is guided by the Library Committee, which includes student as its members.

Computer Center & Laboratory

The Entire campus is the computer centre. Every student carries a laptop and is provided access to the academy’s network and servers. Every student would either bring his/her own laptop as per the specifications prescribed or shall be provided at cost, a new laptop.


The college has one of the most sophisticated and well managed transport system for its faculty and student throughout the city .College buses from every corner of the district are available for the pick and drop facility to the students.


At ITM Aligarh sports are an integral part of the main curriculum. They are not only essential for students to remain physically fit, but also provide a welcome relief from the academic rigor.